Dr. John Stephens (Maynooth University)

Contact Details

Email: head.chemistry@nuim.ie
Phone: +353 1 7086942


Research Interests:

The Stephens group carries out research in synthetic organic chemistry with a focus on asymmetric synthesis and medicinal chemistry.

Dr Stephens’ interest in asymmetric synthesis lies in the efficient control of selectivity (enantio-, diastereo, regio-, and chemo-) in bond making reactions, particularly C-C bond making processes. The demand for new and economical asymmetric reactions is being driven by the pharmaceutical industry due to the chiral nature of many pharmaceutical products.

Medicinal chemistry involves the design, synthesis and development of new pharmaceutical drugs that are suitable for therapeutic use. Dr Stephens has a particular interest in diabetes, neurological disorders and microbial infections and is currently investigating new routes to novel chemical therapies.

Dr Stephens is also interested in the design, synthesis and application of novel fluorophores(fluorescent organic molecules) and investigating and elucidating biosynthetic pathways in microorganisms.