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Generation of Novel Detection and Treatment strategies for prostate cancer

Dublin City University

Brief of Description of Project

Generation of Novel Detection and Treatment strategies for prostate cancer

This project involves the production of antibodies to biomarkers of prostate cancer, their use in

developing an early-stage diagnostic test and , ultimately, use of an antibody-based bifunctional approach to image and treat prostate cancer. We have a team of researchers in DCU and our affiliates linked to international collaborators, working on prostate cancer. We envisage use of a microfluidics-based biochip as the detection platform and linking this to early diagnosis and disease management.

Barcodes ‘check out’ prostate cancer.  S. Hearty, P. Leonard and R. O’Kennedy. (2010)

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Overcoming antibody expression and screening limitations by smart design: applications to PSA

immunoassay development. C. Hayes C, P. Leonard P, R. O'Kennedy R. Protein Expr Purif. 2012

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Priority Areas

Principal Investigators

Research Groups

  • Applied Biochemistry Group
    http://www.dcu.ie/~okennedr/ABG/ PI has graduated 60 PhDs who are leading researchers world-wide Internationally recognised expertise in antibody generation, molecular biology, sensors and assay development Focuses on cancer (colorectal, prostate and myeloma), cardiovascular disease, infectious diseases and applications including basic biology, diagnostics and treatment.