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Cloning , expression , purification and analysis of novel protein bioligands

Dublin City University

Brief of Description of Project

Cloning , expression , purification and analysis of novel protein bioligands

Our group has identified a family of novel carbohyrdrate binding proteins that are of keen interest to the biopharmaceutical industry. This porjet would clone , purify mutagenise and characterise these novel protein bioligands. Our novel ELLA analytical system (see recent publication below) will be used to characterise these interesting bioligands. The project is a complimantary mix of protein biochemistry and molecular biological techniques.

H. Alwael , D. Connolly , P. Clarke , R. Thompson , B. Twamley , B. O'Connor and B. Paull.

‘Pipette-tip selective extraction of glycoproteins with lectin modified gold nano-particles on a polymer monolithic phase’.

(2011) The Analyst , 136 , 2619-2628.

R. Thompson, A. Creavin, M. O’Connell, B. O’Connor, P. Clarke ‘Optimisation of the enzyme-linked lectin assay for enhanced glycoprotein

and glycoconjugate analysis’. (2011) Analytical Biochemistry , 413 , 2, 114-122.



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  • Recombinant Protein Biochemistry
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