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Identification of Dynamic System Parameters using Time-Frequency Techniques

University College Cork

Brief of Description of Project

Detecting and establishing parameters of dynamic systems is key to the development of efficient monitoring and control systems. However, time domain responses cannot provide information on the frequency content of response signals and the frequency domain responses cannot provide information on when such frequency contents are present in the time domain. A time-frequency approach (for example, wavelet analysis) provides a way to estimate the strengths of different frequency contents of a signal over time. This project will investigate how a time frequency based approach can assess and estimate the parameters of a wide range of dynamic systems. This approach has been shown to be successful for assessing linear dynamic systems. The project will particularly focus on nonlinear dynamic systems. Different time- frequency approaches will also be compared in this regard.   

Description of facilities and research environment 

The doctoral researcher will be based in the Dynamical Systems and Risk Laboratory, Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, School of Engineering, University College Cork. The researcher will work within a group and will be provided training and access to relevant software, laboratory testing facilities, dynamic test bench and data related to the research. University College Cork is a leading research university in Ireland and has a most dynamic research environment with world class facilities.


Priority Areas

Principal Investigators

  • Dr Vikram Pakrashi is a Lecturer in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University College Cork


    He is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Engineers, Ireland. His research interests are in dynamical systems, mechanics of renewable energy solutions and infrastructure maintenance management.

Research Groups