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Development of capacitive ultrasonic transducers for air-coupled measurement applications

University College Cork

Brief of Description of Project

Capacitive ultrasonic transducers have significant advantages over conventional piezoelectric transducer technology in terms of sensitivity and bandwidth when operating in air and other gases. These sensors typically consist of a movable front plate electrode and a stationary back plate electrode, the properties of which largely determine the operating characteristics of the transducer as either an ultrasonic transmitter or receiver. This project will investigate new more efficient designs of capacitive ultrasonic transducers with novel back plate electrode structures, front plate electrodes and dielectric layers. Appropriate modelling and characterization of the devices will also be carried out, with an investigation of suitable practical applications. This research requires a highly motivated candidate with an interest in sensors, instrumentation and signal processing, with some knowledge of microfabrication methods desirable. For more information, please visit http://ultrasonics.ucc.ie/  

Priority Areas

Principal Investigators

  • The Ultrasonics Research Group (URG) in UCC was established in 1997 and conducts research into novel ultrasonic applications, medical ultrasound, prototype ultrasonic transducers and techniques, and non-destructive testing/evaluation (NDT/NDE) methods. The group specialises in non-contact ultrasonic measurement, and has particular expertise in capacitive air-coupled transducers and their application, tomographic reconstruction, ultrasonic flow measurement and ultrasonic imaging. The Ultrasonics Research Group is also part of the School of Engineering, UCC. ¬†http://ultrasonics.ucc.ie/

Research Groups